Elite Solar

Elite Solar

  • Applications : Zoho CRM
  • Industry:  Solar
  • Time Frame : 2 Months
  • Years : 2022
  • Client’s Name : Elite Solar


Elite Solar was using a Google Sheet to manage their leads, but this process was becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming as their business grew. 

Elite Solar is a growing business, and with that growth comes an ever-increasing number of leads. In the past, Elite Solar managed their leads through a Google Sheet. However, this process became increasingly difficult and time-consuming as the business expanded. The sheets were difficult to keep organized, and it was often difficult to find the information you were looking for. Furthermore, the manual process of inputting data into the sheets was time-consuming and error-prone.

Solar panel on a wooden house

Our Solution

A CRM system is essential for any business that relies on leads, and that’s pretty much all businesses these days. Elite Solar is no exception. Without a proper CRM system in place, managing leads becomes an arduous and time-consuming task. Not only that but Elite Solar is also at risk of losing leads if they’re not properly tracked and followed upon. A CRM system provides a central database for all your leads, so you can easily track their progress and ensure that no opportunities are missed. It also allows you to automate many of the tedious tasks associated with lead management, such as following up with emails or making phone calls. In short, a CRM system is a must-have for any business that wants to stay on top.

Solar power plant engineer makes a visual inspection of solar panels

Our Solution

01 Capturing the Process

By capturing the business process flow and any paint points that are hurting your company’s performance, we can get a clear picture of where to focus our efforts.

02 Analyze the situation

The team analyzed the business case and came up with a solution that will save time in everyday processes, while generating more revenue for your company.

03Implement the CRM

With our expert consultants and developers, we ensure that your CRM is implemented with care.


At the CRM House, we pride ourselves on being able to build the perfect CRM system for any business. When Elite Solar came to us, they were in need of a way to automate their lead generation process. We worked with them to create a system that would allow them to focus on closing more deals. The result was a custom-built CRM system that helped Elite Solar to increase their conversion rate by 30%. We are always happy to help our clients grow their businesses, and we are proud to have played a part in Elite Solar’s success.

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